Monday, 10 September 2012

Mahendra and Bat Cave (Pokhara)

Mahendra cave is also one of the major tourist attraction in Pokhara. It is located at Batulechaur, Pokhara just a few kilometers away from the town. As, the name suggests, it is named after the name of the Late king Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The cave itself is amazing and we can see the various natural shapes and images of the various hindu god and goddess on the stone made of the lime. Here, for the safety measures, electricity is provided through out the cave and additional torch and emergency lights can be taken for the convinence. The area is surrounded by the community forest at the hillside and at the end of road there flows the small river called the Kali Khola.

Just a ten minutes walk from the Mahendra Cave, there lies a another cave named the Bat Cave. In Nepali language, it is also called Chameri Gufa. As the name suggests, it is named after the bats as there is the prevalence or the habitats of the bats over the cave's wall and the ceilings. The cave is made of up the limestone and there is the provision of the torch and the emergency lights for the view of the cave. Also, there is the provision of the guides for the assistance. Apart from it's attraction, it is also rich in greenery as the surroundings of  the cave is covered by the forest.

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